The purpose of the ziftrCOIN Presale, which ran from December 9, 2014 – January 23, 2015, was to help generate interest, distribute coins early on and fund further development of ziftrCOIN projects and features. Ziftr is a young but established company located in the United States. We're a startup but have 35+ employees already and we want to keep growing. We sold 4,141,444 ziftrCOINs for a total of $878,695 during the Presale. While we’re more than happy with this dollar amount, we can assure you that if you split it 35 ways, no one is going to be running off to live a life of luxury on a tropical island paid for by scammed coins. There are already countless man-hours and millions of dollars of real investor money put into ziftrCOIN and the many features being built around it. It simply doesn't make economic sense to put in so much time, money and effort for the sake of a scam coin Presale. Check out our multi-coin wallet on Android (currently in beta testing) to see some of the work we've already done. And take a look at ziftrSHOP, our marketplace where you can search for the best price on products from tens of thousands of retailers.