ziftrCOIN is to be given away in large amounts to everyday users to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency in general. Why not just let them get their feet wet with Bitcoin? Think about it: If you offer the average shopper ten USD to learn about bitcoins, they probably won't bother. It’s a hassle to set up and learn about. It’s also less widely accepted than say USD so they need to search out places that accept it. Overall, it’s not very successful. We know because we've tried it. What can you even buy online for ten dollars?

Now give them one hundred dollars, the equivalent of 100 ziftrCOINs when used within Ziftr’s retailer network. They'll start to become a little bit more interested. Now give them an easy way to spend their “magic internet money” (you guessed it: within Ziftr’s retailer network, using our seamless wallet-integrated checkout system) and you probably have a new person interested in cryptocurrency. Some of these coins are going to be saved for us here at Ziftr. I mean hey we're excited for our own coin, too. But to prove that we aren’t going to just dump all of our coins right away to make a quick buck, these coins are going to be locked up by the block chain and released in whole year increments. Essentially, peers and miners will refuse to accept transactions with these coins for one to four years, depending on which block of coins they are. Basically what this all means is that the coins reserved for Ziftr employees will be used as incentives to promote the use of ziftrCOIN, ziftrPAY, ziftrSHOP and ziftrWALLET over the course of the next four years.

We also sold some coins in a Presale to help with initial distribution of coins and to help fund all the exciting things we have planned for ziftrCOIN.